This program is our photography service that gives our customers a fixed service plan that ensures production of unlimited pictures a month. Service is delivered only on contract of one year or more. Our service platform reduces your risks as you can save time and money on your monthly photography content expenses. Enjoy peace of mind while we give you hitch-free total photography service at a predetermined cost.



Do the DIY approach. We’ll coach you.

You can save time and money by doing the photography yourself—and we’re here to help. BRND Centrik’s professional photographers will gladly share their knowledge and experience with you based on your chosen equipment, whether common or premium. When it comes to your business, advice from the pros is priceless and we’re happy to guide you through any type of e-commerce project.

Monthly Subscription

Photos at your fingertips.

Sometimes you just need a few extra product shots and don’t want to pay for an entire day in the studio. That’s why BRND Centrik offers a monthly subscription option. This way, you get as much or as little photography as you need, at any time throughout the month for one flat rate. It’s secured studio time that helps to take the pressure off of your timeline and your budget.

Emergency Services
Who you gonna call? BRND Centrik.

At BRND Centrik we know that in the fast-paced world of e-commerce, things can change without a moment’s notice and you need quality results without delay. Our monthly subscription option lets you call upon our team anytime throughout the month, and we’ll get you in the studio ASAP—guaranteed. Don’t panic. We’ve got this.


Seal the deal with copy.

So you’ve piqued their interest with a beautiful photograph, but the product description can make or break the sale. That’s why BRND Centrik has sought out the best marketing copywriters to join our team. Whether you want a romantic narrative, or a list of specific functions, our copywriters know to make a product sound desirable based on your target. We believe that product descriptions should not only inform a customer, but inspire them all the way to the checkout page.


In order to offer our customers the absolute best, we have surrounded ourselves with the best professionals in the business. Here is our young, dynamic, and motivated team!

Benoit Lamothe

Founder – CEO - Photographer

I Like

Photography, fashion, molecular gastronomy, sous-vide cooking, reading, comic books, cinema and television series.


Fashion and e-commerce photography; production and post-production workflow; team, sample and digital asset management; e-commerce platforms;

Benoit Daoust

DOP – Vidéographe

I Like

Cinema, freediving, Gaspe Peninsula, “Minuit le soir”, adrenaline, Philosophy, renovations, work at night, starting a new project, spearfishing, traveling, French, autumn forest, all trips of life!


Video, video editing, photography

Marie-Andrée Lemire

Studio Manager – Photographe – Retoucheuse

I Like

Hot dog, Baseball, wolves, wood, prismacolor, ice cream, my bed, my daughter, cleaning, swimming, reality TV, back to school, tea, gummy bears, scooter, magazines.


ECom Photography, Commercial Photography, Retouching, Portrait and event photography

Nicole Aline Legault

Head Retoucher - Quality Control

I Like

Drawing, whales, drawing whales, baseball, softball, planets, stars, the ocean, the beach, dirt, retouching, sleeping, squash, & photography.


Fine art & drawing, retouched photography, illustration.